Peace POI Project

Because of the educational and developmental benefits of poi the mission of the peace poi project is to make poi available to as many children around the world as possible, especially in underprivileged and impoverished areas where the mental and physical benefits of playing poi could have the most powerful uplifting effects.

The Poi that is distributed to the children is made of recycled materials.
We then go into these underprivileged areas and provide the children with "green practice poi" and teach them the basics.

By doing this we are doing far more than just providing them with a toy. We are providing them with an opportunity to improve their body, mind and soul.

The Peace POI Project was started by Aunty Yo and is a great initiative and we should all get behind. If you are interested in getting involved and giving something back to the society please get in touch with us. There are many things you can do to help the Peace POI Project

About the "Green Poi"

The poi product consists of 2 of the exact same evenly weighted and balanced poi to form a perfect pair.

The training Poi are made from the rubber of recycled rubber (which is non biodegradable and is dumped or burned causing environmental pollution internationally. The rubber is collected, processed and crafted into the perfect training poi.

The tassels are cut from reject and print error plastic bags which not suitable for commercial use. The poi is weather and water proof. The product can be washed to retain its appearance. This poi is designed not to deteriorate through wear and tear of Normal Use. It should last for years.

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