The Fire Experience

A Fire Article by Adrian Kopf
Not so long ago I found myself in a complete state of bliss. I am not merely referring to the mystical experience of performing a fire dance, rather, that combined with such an amazing environment- the coast, under the most fortunate of circumstances.

I am sure you have all felt the influence that your surroundings can make on you. It just adds that magical touch. Ambience is a must; whether it be some good old bongos; some of your favourite tunes; or just the natural sounds with the spinning flames whirling all around you.

I have twirled in quite a variety of different spots, such as hill-tops, mountains, under trees, around bon-fires, on dance floors (using LED & UV poi of course ;o), even once on a trampoline- quite fun I must add.

But what made this particular experience so beautiful- was absolutely everything to be quite frank. To start off with, the feeling of your bare feet on the soft beach sand- not a solid floor, instead it constantly moulds according to your flow & movement.
The refreshing sea breeze gently yet constantly running over your face & through your hair.
Hearing the sounds of the waves breaking; the bon fire not to far- happily cracking away; as a mentioned earlier, the spinning flames whirling all around your ears & last but not least the occasional lightning bolts in the distance.
At one stage a light drizzle fell, which was just enough to cool you down feeling replenished.
The icing on the cake, was the vast sky absolutely packed with stars- no sign of any moon, but uncountable balls of burning gas shining brightly in the night sky.

I have always found fire dancing extremely meditative, entrancing & therapeutic, but that was by far the ultimate environment I have yet to spin in. The fact that I admire nature in general, especially the sea could have contributed a great deal towards my own personal experience. But, when one considers how the elements (not only fire but also water, air & earth.) all came together with such harmony & balance, being felt at all levels of your senses. To me it was perfect- a true experience of ecstasy.

I am looking forward to spinning in the snow at the end of the year.

So that concludes my story, but what weird & wonderful places have fired up your desire, or where do you still desire to wield some fire?!

Please leave your comments and create your own ultimate fire dancing experience article!

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